Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


It’s a simple examination platform. You just have to register or login, then go through the mock test sections. and select the exam you want to try. You can give as many test as you want. but the weekly reward test will be once in a week. Score and result will be desplay in your profile.

Indiaim is the mock test (Exam) platform for the career aspirants seeking or preparing for the competetive examination across the nation.

Indiaim is the exam platform , One can create their profile on indiaim and select the exam they are preparing for and give a mock test or reward test conducted every week around the nation for small fees. Top 5 will win the cash reward or scholarship for 1-2 years. This will help the candidates to prepare for real exams.

Yes, It’s a paid service. To enter into the exam competition you will need to pay nominal charges so that collection of participants amount will be converting into reward.

Yes, to enter the exam portal or tests you need to register on Indiaim. Registered users will have their own profile with the details includes scores, previous attempts, rewards and results, etc.

Mock Tests

All the question papers in any kind of exams will be from the previous years papers of the conducted exams from the respected sectors. No question paper will be conducted by indiaim. You have to score in previous papers.

It’s depending on the nature of exam of the respected sectors. Most of them have 100 questions in one exam. And some have 50. Related instructions will be provided on the notification panel before attempting the exam.

Question will be multiple choice questions. You will have to choose one correct option out of four.

It’s the competitive exam mock from the different sectors like banking, Staff Selection, police recruitment, public service and other entrance exams for engineering and medical fields.

Each and every exam has the different alloted time depends on the exam sectors and the nature. This will be the mimic of the real exam conducted by the various sector and the timing will be in same manner.

Some exams of the given sector has the negative marking and some not, same will be instructed on the notification panel if there is negative marking or not. You can go through the instructions before attempting the exam.

Yes but your score will be depending on the questions attempted. You can quit the exam any time.

Yes, If you think you are done with the exam you can submit it any time. your score will be declare after the completion right away.


You can always try mock tests for free but to enter the exam reward competitions, you will need to pay nominal entry fee so that your enry fee will be contributing for the Exam Rewards.

Yes, all payments and transactions are secured by leafing payment gateways.

Cash reward will be added to your Indiaim wallet or Payment wallet or your bank account after result within 24 hours.

You will have to choose the reward credit option in your profile in payment section.

You will have to add your bank account or wallet account details in payment section to be credited your rewards directly.

You can pay online using UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card or simply use wallets on payment portals.

It’s depend on the weekly reward amount but can be around minimum 10 Rs. to Maximum 50 Rs. That’s nominal charges. Top 5 will get the Maximum reward amount from your contribution. This will help the needy candidates.

Yes, In case you could not enter into the exam competition on indiaim, your payment will be refunded to your indiaim wallet so that you can use it instantly to another exam entry or withdraw it to your bank account.

Yes, to withdraw your cash reward you will need a bank account to be credited. Otherwise reward will be credited in indiaim wallet. You can either provide other wallet details with can be used to transfer cash reward to wallets.

No, this is online portal and all payments should be made online.

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